How to Rid Your Garden of Toads

How to Rid Your Garden of Toads. Frogs and toads are wonderful additions to any garden. They eat an amazing number of insect pests, including slugs and snails. However, if you are tripping over them on garden paths, you may want to discourage them from taking up residence.

Step 1

Remove any wood piles, old lumber or pots from ground level. Toads live in dark, damp places during the daytime and hunt in the evening hours. If you remove their favorite haunts, they will move on.

Step 2

Keep pet food inside the house. Toads have been known to help themselves to a free meal from Fido's bowl of kibble. If you feed your pet outside, pick up any uneaten food before you retire for the night.

Step 3

Empty water bowls, ground-level birdbaths or other containers that have standing water. Frogs and toads are attracted to moisture. Any standing water is an open invitation. (This step will also eliminate mosquitoes from your garden, but be advised, toads eat mosquitos, so once they have moved on, you may be plagued with an invasion of pesty insects.)