How to Kill a Cricket That's Loose in Your House

How to Kill a Cricket That's Loose in Your House. It's amazing how much noise one cricket can make in your home when you're trying catch a good night's sleep. Add to that the potential for breeding and subsequent infestation, plus the damage crickets can do to your belongings, and you have a desperate situation at hand. Here's how you can kill a cricket that is loose in your house and avoid the annoyance and problems it might bring.

Step 1

Pinpoint the exact location of the cricket. You will need to be very quiet and listen closely until you can determine the source of the chirping without scaring the cricket. Once you locate the cricket's hideout, move away slowly and carefully.

Step 2

Try to obtain a visual of the cricket. This is probably going to be difficult and unlikely, since crickets like to hide in tight spaces, behind and underneath things. Catching and killing the cricket is much easier, obviously, if you have it in sight.

Step 3

Place a cricket bait in the proximity of the cricket's hideout. Assuming that you have the patience to wait it out at least one more night, you can set out the bait or insecticide of your choice and probably catch the cricket in one night. Mix some molasses and water in an open jar and set it out near the cricket's location. The cricket will be attracted to the sweet, syrupy substance, but drown in the water when it climbs into the jar. Sprinkle some boric acid around the area, or use a cricket pesticide, depending on your preference and household needs.

Step 4

Set a trap for the cricket using sticky bug traps. You can also use strips of duct tape or another strong double-sided tape to immobilize and catch the cricket.

Step 5

Enlist the help of your pets. If you're fortunate enough to have a dog, cat or other pet that's a great hunter, bring them into the area to seek and destroy the noisy cricket. Although certainly not foolproof, it can at least provide you with some great entertainment.