Sod adds convenience to starting a new lawn since the installed sod already has lush grass growing. This doesn't mean that it's problem free, however, since yellowing and other discolorations sometimes occur after installation. Yellowing sod can typically be saved, though it's important to identify the underlying cause beforehand since the recovery method will depend heavily on what's causing the yellowing in the first place.

Installation Issues

Improper installation can cause sod to yellow as the roots don't properly establish themselves. Sod that is not installed quickly enough or that is installed with air pockets between the sod and the soil can have dried out and damaged roots,

Soil Quality

The quality of your soil can cause sod to yellow if it does not provide enough nutrients for the growing grass.

Watering Issues

Overwatering is one possible cause of yellowing sod.

Animal Influence

Yellowing may also occur when dogs or other animals urinate on your sod while it's still trying to establish new roots.

Can It Be Saved?

In most cases, yellowing sod can be saved.