Gnats are pesky little bugs that fly around. They are extremely small in size, but multiply very quickly. Female gnats lay up to 300 eggs at a time, but these gnats only live four months. They are attracted to light like many other bugs. Gnats can be extremely annoying for homeowners when they are all over their lawn. They will fly around your head and are most prevalent in the summer months. There are a few ways to help eliminate gnats from your yard.

Step 1

Fill a big bowl with white vinegar almost to the top. Pour in dish soap until the bowl is completely full. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke small holes big enough for the gnats to get through with a pen. The gnats are attracted to the vinegar and once through the holes in the plastic they get stuck in the vinegar.

Step 2

Set the bowl outside where the gnats are most commonly located. Gnats will land in the bowl and drown in the vinegar. The bowl should be filled with gnats after 12 hours. Empty the bowl and refill it every day.

Step 3

Spray the entire yard outside your house with bug spray. Walk around your yard spraying everywhere you find the gnats.

Step 4

Clean out the areas around your home where the gnats are breeding. They are commonly found in standing water and decomposing plant matter. Clean out your gutters, which may contain standing water. Empty out any bird baths or fountains you have in your yard. Do not over water your plants.