Finding products that frighten raccoons into leaving your yard and garden isn't difficult. Finding those that scare them away for good, however, is trickier and often expensive. To find the that works best for you, begin with household items and work your way through more sophisticated and costly products.

Personal Confrontation

When raccoons approach your house, switch on outdoor lights, grab a broom and run outside, making as much noise as you can. Wave the broom in their direction. If there's a hose nearby, blast them with water.

Flashing Lights and Noise

Learn from police cars on the way to a crime scene: Flashing lights and loud noise are excellent attention-grabbers. Place a weatherproof, battery-operated portable radio tuned to an all-night talk station where approaching raccoons are sure to hear it.

Predator Lights

Double the radio's impact with solar-powered predator lights. Set the lights 25 feet apart on each side of your property, where they'll receive at least five hours of sun each day. Attach them to posts 10 to 15 inches above the ground and facing outward. Each unit's red LED light flashes continuously between dusk and morning. Approaching raccoons aren't sure what they're seeing, so they tend to move on.

Motion-Sensing Sprinklers

Install battery-operated motion-sensing sprinklers around the yard to startle intruding raccoons. One such device greets the animals with a three-second spray of water broadcast over a 1,200-square-foot area.

Electric Fencing

If all else fails, installing a simple electrified fence can scare raccoons off for good by giving them a mild shock every time they touch it. It's also the most labor-intensive and expensive alternative.