Does Bleach Kill Termites?

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Termites have lived on the Earth since the dinosaur ages, but most homeowners will agree that termites are unwelcome house guests. According to PestWorld for Kids, termites cost homeowners $2 billion dollars each year. These pests live in colonies and can host up to two million termites. Early signs of termites include feeding activity on window molding, outer siding and dead wood around your home. Termites leave large dirt mounds where their colonies reside. If you suspect a termite issue, immediate treatment is a must. This leaves many homeowners wondering if household products, such as bleach, will do the job.

Killing Termites with Bleach

Bleach seems to kill just about everything: mold, bacteria and fungus, but many homeowners wonder if it's effective with termites. The answer is yes, but there's more you should know about using bleach to kill termites. This strategy will take care of termites you can see but doesn't address the hidden colonies of termites. Using bleach alone won't address the root of the problem.

Other Options for Treating Termites

Getting to the root of termite infestations will prevent additional damage. Although beach is a partial treatment, killing visible termites using liquid termite treatments and termite baits is more effective.

Liquid termite treatments are applied around the perimeter of your home, creating a barrier against termite entry. The treatment will need to be applied to cracks and holes in your home.

In addition to using a liquid termite treatment, use baits, which knock out entire colonies of termites. First, wood stakes are placed into the ground to attract termites. Once the termites have been attracted, you'll replace the wood stakes with termite bait, which the termites will bring back to share with their colony. For best results, use a combination of liquid termite killers and stakes.

The Cost of Killing Termites

Termite stakes will cost you $100 or less, and liquid termite products cost about the same. However, a professional will be more expensive, $1,000 or more, depending on the square footage of your house, and the extent of the damages. Make sure to get several bids to ensure you're getting the fairest pricing.

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