How to Make June Bug Traps

June bugs are small beetles ranging in color from green to brown that inhabit much of the mid-western and eastern United States during the summer months. They are notorious for destroying vegetable and fruit crops, fruit growing on trees and even grass. June bugs are also attracted to lights, so even people without food growing on their property have to deal with these beetles. You can control the number of June bugs on your property by putting out traps.

Step 1

Put a 1/2 C. of molasses into a jar. You can use a container made of any material, but it must hold at least 16 oz. of liquid.

Step 2

Add a 1/2 C. of hot water to the molasses. Put the lid on the jar and shake it up until the water and molasses are thoroughly mixed.

Step 3

Dig a hole at the edge of your yard, or at least 30 feet from the house. The hole needs to be wide enough that the jar can fit in it, and deep enough that only the neck of the jar sticks out.

Step 4

Put the jar in the hole and pack in dirt around the sides to make sure it stays in place. Remove the lid.

Step 5

Remove the June bugs from the jar every other day. Put an empty jar beneath a strainer and pour the contents of the June bug trap through. The strainer will catch the bugs and the liquid will go into the new jar.

Kenneth Coppens

Kenneth Coppens began his freelance writing career in 2008. His passions in life consist of extensive personal research on food, gardening and finding natural and eco-friendly alternatives to nearly all aspects of life.