Cockroaches can be found all over the world, especially in your home. Once inside your home, roaches enjoy eating your food, destroying your books and spreading germs to your family. A large population of roaches can be almost impossible to destroy. However, there are ways to kill roaches immediately as you see them.

Step 1

Identify if roaches are the pests invading your home. Cockroaches are medium to large sized insects that have spiny brown legs and long antenna. Generally, roaches hide during the day. Keep your flashlight nearby and keep your eyes open for roaches during the night. Check all your kitchen cupboards, closets, and pantries for roach droppings. Roach droppings are tiny brown slimy pellets.

Locate where the roaches are entering your home. Follow a cockroach when you see one. They move very quickly, so this may be hard to do. Check around all the favorite spots roaches like to enter your home, such as vents, cracks, holes and drains.

Step 2

Use an insecticide spray to kill roaches. Check the label and make sure the insecticide's intended use is to kill cockroaches. Spray the chemical whenever and wherever you see roaches. Spray in areas such as walls, cracks, vents, and kitchen and bathroom drains. This will kill roaches instantly once they make contact with the insecticide.

Step 3

Use traps to kill roaches instantly. Use the cockroach trap to lure the roaches and trap them. The trap will catch them with an adhesive material. Once you catch a roach, dispose of it. Flush the dead roaches down the toilet. Never put dead roaches in the trash because their eggs might still be alive and hatch inside your house.

Step 4

Apply a liquid concentrate or pesticide around your house to kill roaches. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of the liquid poison and hot water. Spray the chemical mixture onto any surface where the roaches frequent. Concentrates will kill roaches instantly once they make contact and help protect against new infestations in the future.

Use a professional pesticide to kill roaches. Spray the pesticide in the darkest places of your home, such as corners and your basement. Use a strong enough pesticide to kill live bugs as well as keep them from ever returning to your home.

Step 5

Use soap and water to kill roaches. Mix liquid soap (dish or bath soap) with hot water. Splash or use a spray bottle to apply this mixture directly on a roach when you spot one crawling across a surface of your home. Soap and water will kill a roach immediately on contact.