How to Repel Spiders. Spiders--some people jump and swing their arms in a wild frenzy. You want them out of your house; but you do not want to call in the exterminators. You do not want to subject your family to the sprays and chemicals exterminators apply. Discover some simple, natural steps to rid your home from these unwanted pests.

Step 1

Adopt a cat. Cats are natural hunters. When cats see spiders, their hunting instincts come to the forefront. Let the games begin.

Step 2

Remove all cardboard boxes from your home. Spiders love cardboard. Replace your cardboard boxes with plastic storage bins.

Step 3

Put eucalyptus leaves in closets and on shelves. Eucalyptus leaves contain a chemical that repels spiders naturally. Eucalyptus leaves smell good, too.

Step 4

Wipe your outside window frames with kerosene-soaked newspapers. The printer's ink and kerosene combination dries almost instantly leaving a residue that repels spiders.

Step 5

Spray your window sills inside and out with Lemon Pledge. Spiders will not cross the residue on the sill.

Step 6

Obtain Osage-Oranges, commonly known as Hedge Apples. Place the Hedge Apples around your house. Spiders are repelled by this fruit.

Step 7

Purchase a plug-in device to repel spiders. A plug-in device emits a high frequency sound that drives spiders out of your house. You will not hear it--but be careful--it may drive your new cat crazy.