Palm tree stumps are connected to root systems that are somewhat shallow, but widespread. The underground spread of the palm tree's root system often originates several feet away from where it eventually pops out of the ground. To remove a palm tree stump so that the tree does not grow back it is not enough to employ a stump grinder to remove the visible portion of the stump. It is necessary to dig along the underground root path to find where the roots begin, and then remove the entire system of stump and roots. Otherwise, the tree will regenerate and cause damage to whatever project or structure is planned for the site.

Palm Tree Trunk

Step 1

Cut the palm tree trunk off at the ground with a chain saw.

Step 2

Remove the soil around the remaining palm tree stump with a shovel so that there is wide hole around the stump.

Step 3

Wrap a tow or logging chain around the stump and attach the other end to the hitch on the back of a pickup truck.

Step 4

Drive the truck slowly away from the stump, keeping it in first gear, until the chain is taut between the truck and the stump. Continue giving the truck just enough power to keep it moving and keep pulling on the stump until it comes loose and is freed from the ground.

Step 5

Follow the root system by digging up the roots with the shovel, then remove the roots by cutting them with the chain saw and pulling them from the ground.