Mange mites can cause hair loss and itchy skin in dogs. Some species can spread to humans. Mange is usually spread from an infected dog to a healthy pet, but sometimes the problem comes from mange mites living in the yard.

Mange mites can live in your lawn.

Mange Mites

Demodex mites cause demodectic mange. Sarcoptic mites cause sarcoptic mange, or scabies. If your dog has mange and spends a lot of time outdoors on your lawn, the mites could be living out there. They are tiny, so you will not be able to spot them just by looking.


You can get rid of mange mites in your lawn first by mowing it short and removing all debris. Spray your lawn with a general insecticidal treatment for lawns. You can also dust tannic acid over your dog's favorite places to lay down in your yard. Tannic acid is a mite-killing compound.


After treating your lawn, keep your pets and children out of it for at least 24 hours. To prevent mites from returning, plant members of the mint family, like peppermint or pennyroyal, in areas where your dog likes to sleep. These plants are natural insect repellents that will help deter mites.