How to Buy Sulfur to Get Rid of Snakes

Snakes offer many benefits, one of which is killing rats and rodents. Unfortunately, the snakes themselves sometimes get out of control and become pests. There are many different type of devices and poisons designed to get rid of snakes. One solution that can be used is applying sulfur powder which repels the snakes because they do not like the smell. Sulfur should not be applied in large amounts since it stays in the soil and will inhibit plant growth.

Snake in the Grass
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Watch the yard carefully for two or three days to determine which areas the snakes are living in. This will allow you to treat only that area instead of the whole yard. Most snakes sleep during the middle of the day and come out in early morning or at dusk.

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Remove any water sources from the area such as barrels full of water or bird baths. These provide drinking water for the snakes and will make them stay longer.

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Purchase sulfur in powdered form at a home improvement store or garden center. The sulfur is located in the pest control section.

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Open the sulfur and spread it in a line around the area where there is the most snake activity to create a barrier. The line should be approximately 6 inches wide and stretch around the area where you do not want the snakes to come.