Seeing a snake slither across your path while walking into your cellar or crawl space is never reassuring. Professional Wildlife Removal, a national directory of trapping specialists, states that 17 of the 120 North American snake species are venomous. Depending on your geographic region, the types of snakes that dwell around your home will vary in size and color. Generally though, most snakes prefer to make their habitats in dark, dank conditions. While the best way to combat snakes is the hands-on approach, there are also options available if you're a tad on the squeamish side.

Rid your crawl space of pesky snakes once and for all.

Step 1

Cut down any overgrown plants, shrubs or other greenery surrounding the entrance to your crawlspace. Snakes usually form nests in dense patches of overgrowth.

Step 2

Eliminate possible snake food sources, such as mice and rats, by sprinkling rodenticide around the outside of your home and near the entrance to your crawlspace.

Step 3

Sprinkle a snake repellent powder around the entrance and baseboards of your crawl space's interior. If you wish to exterminate the snakes, purchase a higher strength snake poison.

Step 4

Install snake traps around the outside of the crawl space. Place at least one trap inside the crawl space as well.

Step 5

Capture the snake using a snake hook or tongs with an extension handle and pull trigger. Once you have hooked the snake, have an assistant hold open a large plastic bag and deposit it inside. Release the snake far away from your property or exterminate it if desired.

Step 6

Track the snake until it comes out of your crawl space into an open area. Hit the snake cleanly over the head with a weighted club or bat to exterminate it.

Step 7

Dispose of exterminated snakes by wrapping them in a plastic bag and securing it tightly. Place the bag in an outdoor trash receptacle.