Assassin bugs have large eyes at the middle or rear of the head and mouthparts for sucking body fluids from their prey. Some assassin bugs bite humans and animals, while others only feed on insects. Various products can help you keep them away.

Apply repellents to keep assassin bugs away.

Personal Repellent

Common insect repellents can keep assassin bugs away. Repellents that contain DEET as the active ingredient can protect exposed areas of the skin and repellents that contain permethrin can protect clothing items.

Indoor Repellent

Spraying insecticides indoors keeps assassin bugs away. Indoor formulations of 2 percent malathion and pyrethrins work effectively to repel assassin bugs. Follow the product labels and only apply the products to listed indoor sites to ensure safety.

Environmental Conditions

Changing your environment to make it less attractive to assassin bugs keeps them away. Getting rid of insects, swallows and bats reduces their food sources. Removing dust and debris from corners minimizes the hiding places of assassin bugs. Screens exclude assassin bugs that are attracted by the lights.