How to Kill Spiders Hiding in Your Shoes

Spiders are helpful creatures, especially when it comes to your garden. Spiders trap and eat garden pests that would otherwise feast on your plants. It's safe to say however, that most people don't like wild spiders roaming about their home. Spiders tend to like, dark, cool and dusty places, so there are a few hot spots around your home that they're attracted to, including old shoes. If you suspect (or know) that there's a spider hiding in your shoe, there are a couple of different ways that you can kill it.

Rid your home of spiders, including the ones hiding in your shoes.

Method 1

Step 1

Put the shoe that contains the spider into a plastic bag. This will prevent the spider from biting you when you try to kill it.

Step 2

Take the shoe outside and turn it upside down. Bang it against the concrete, at a few different angles, until the spider comes out.

Step 3

Step on the spider, or hit it with your other shoe, while it's still in the plastic bag. Make sure it's completely dead.

Step 4

Remove the shoe from the bag and throw the bag away.

Method 2

Step 5

Get your vacuum cleaner out and pull out its hose.

Step 6

Connect a smaller attachment to the hose, if necessary, for it to fit into your shoe.

Step 7

Insert the vacuum hose into your shoe and turn the vacuum on.

Step 8

Move the hose around and try to get every nook and cranny within the shoe.

Step 9

Take the shoe outside, and bang it against the concrete to make sure the spider has been sufficiently removed.