How to Kill Fleas Outside in Patio Areas

A flea infestation can occur in any pet owner's home. Cats and dogs can bring these pests indoors where they can then breed and become difficult to eliminate. Prevention is the best method of controlling flea outbreaks. Protect your pet with a flea control product recommended by your veterinarian. Both chemical and organic treatments are available to eliminate fleas. When attempting to eliminate fleas and ticks from the home, you must treat the pet and all furnishings, such as carpets, furniture, cushions, draperies, pet bedding and toys. Also treat outdoor areas such as yards and patios to prevent flea re-infestation.

Treat outdoor patio areas where pets spend time to prevent flea re-infestation.

Step 1

Remove toys, water bowls and bedding from outdoor areas.

Step 2

Spray patios, sidewalks and shady areas where pets spend time with malathion, chlorpyrifos or propoxur. These are chemical insecticides that should be used with caution. Follow package directions carefully.

Step 3

Apply an insect growth regulator such as pyriproxyfen to flea eggs that remain in soil and between patio pavers.

J. Lang Wood

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