How to Kill Rabbits in the Yard

While rabbits can make cute pets, an infestation around your home can completely destroy your vegetable and flower gardens. Rabbits munch on your plants and reproduce rapidly. Kill the rabbits as they enter your lawn to prevent them from making a home and reproducing there. If you are concerned about killing animals, use live traps, and relocate the rabbits far away from your home. Before either trapping the rabbits or killing them, check with your local wildlife center to determine if rabbits are protected in your areas. Some laws prohibit killing or relocating rabbits, as the practice can spread disease.

Rabbits can destroy your lawn.

Step 1

Shoot the rabbit at dusk or dawn, when rabbits are most active. This is a quick way to get rid of small numbers of rabbits. This is only legal in rural areas, and is actually illegal for some types of rabbits. Check with a local game regulator to determine if a license is necessary.

Step 2

Sprinkle toxic rabbit bait around your lawn. The rabbits will eat the bait and die. In some areas, this is only legal for agricultural purposes. Don't use this method if you have pets or children, as the bait can be toxic to them as well.

Step 3

Pick up and dispose of the carcasses of the rabbits that have died after eating the bait. This will prevent other protected animals from eating the carcass and dying. Always wear gloves when handling carcasses.

Step 4

Set a killing trap near the opening of the rabbits' warren or in areas where you've noticed them foraging. Killing traps are designed to trap a rabbit and kill it quickly. Remove the carcass and reset the trap as often as necessary. Keep the trap away from pets and children.

Kaye Wagner

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