How to Kill Ants With Corn Starch

Ants play an important role in our environment as they are one of earth's garbage cleaners. As helpful as they are in cleaning up food crumbles or animal remains, no one wants ants invading their home or garden area. There are many chemical products to use to help eliminate ant populations, but these aren't always safe to use around children or pets, nor are they good for the environment. Organic methods exist that allow you to keep your family, pets and the environment safe while ridding yourself of ants.

Rid yourself of ants in an environmentally sound way.

Step 1

Pour cornstarch over the ant infestation area. Use enough to completely cover the ants.

Vacuum ants and cornstarch.

Vacuum up the cornstarch and the ants, and allow the ants and cornstarch to sit together in the vacuum bag for a few minutes. If the infestation area is outdoors, use an extension cord to reach the area.

Create a soapy mixture.

Mix a few squirts of dishwashing detergent into a bucket of tap water. Pour the soapy mixture over the ant trail. This will remove the scented trail that ants follow back and forth to the infested spot.

The habitat of the ant

Pour boiling water into ant hills to exterminate the ants at the source.

Mary Ylisela

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