How to Prevent Ladybugs in the House

Ladybugs may have been fun to play with as a child, but most adults don't want swarms of the polka-dotted bugs inside their home. Ladybugs usually start to appear indoors when the weather gets cooler in the fall. They are looking for a warm place to spend the winter. When temperatures start to drop, ladybugs will swarm into or onto a building that is illuminated by the sun. Homes near the woods or fields are especially prone to infestation. With just a few simple steps, you can avoid a ladybug infestation in your home.


How To Prevent Ladybugs In the House

Step 1

Seal cracks and crevices with caulk because ladybugs enter your walls through cracks.

Step 2

Inspect screen doors, screen windows and screened-in porches to ensure that they are not loose and that they fit the frame they are resting in because ladybugs can also enter your home through loose screens.

Step 3

Inspect door frames, window frames and siding.

Step 4

Seal any loose siding that surrounds air vents, door frames and window frames and screened-in areas. Caulk can be used on loose siding. Weatherstripping and non-expanding foam can be used on loose door and window frames. If you are having a difficult time, or the areas do not remain sealed, call a professional.

Step 5

Line the outside of your home with food grade diatomaceous earth to keep the bugs away. It is a natural pesticide detergent.

Step 6

Spray insecticide along all windows and doors outside. Use a heavy layer and try especially to cover areas where the insecticide won't wash off in rain.

Step 7

Vacuum up any dead ladybugs. Leaving dead ladybugs in your home may cause different insects to come in, producing another infestation.