How to Remove Bees From an Air Conditioner

Bees in the air conditioning are more than just inconvenient. Because bees are social insects, they will sting when they feel as though their nest and queen are being threatened. It is important to examine the insects to make sure you are dealing with bees and not wasps in order to choose the right pesticide. Honey bees are black and yellow striped and their bodies are 3/4 of an inch in length.

Remove bees in the early spring before their population has time to increase.

Step 1

Tape signs indicating there are bees in the air conditioner over your cooling system's controls. You do not want someone to turn on the air conditioner and send bees flying inside your home. Place a piece of cardboard over air conditioner vents to prevent bees from flying in.

Step 2

Secure a piece of red film over a flashlight using tape.The red film will keep bees from flying to your flashlight while you remove the top of your air conditioner. Unscrew your air conditioner at night when the bees are less active. If you see the bees becoming agitated, leave the area immediately and try again later.

Step 3

Mix up 2 tbsp. of dishwashing soap in a one gallon spray bottle. The surfactant will destroy the bees without putting poisonous or harmful chemicals in your air conditioner.

Step 4

Spray the bees with the bee killing mixture. Wear bee protective clothing such as a mosquito mask, thick gloves, pants, shoes and a shirt.

Step 5

Reapply the mixture to the nest or hive in a few days. Continue to apply the bee killing mixture to the hive until you see that you have killed the colony. With gloves, remove the dead bees from the air conditioner. Scrub any hive residue out of the air conditioner with a soft brush and replace the top.