How to Keep Spiders Away With Lavender

Arachnophobia may cause you to squish that spider without thinking twice, but spiders are beneficial and typically harmless. The eight-legged creatures provide natural insect control by eating mosquitoes, flies and other bugs. Venom from some spiders is used for neurological research, and spider silk is used to produce optical devices for instruments used in laboratories. Instead of killing that spider, you can use lavender to repel the critter from your house or patio.

Step 1

Remove spider webs inside your home with a vacuum. Be sure to vacuum egg sacs as well to end the life cycle.

Step 2

Brush away spider webs outdoors with a broom and dustpan. Rinse patio storage containers and furniture with a garden hose to remove spider webs and the leaves, dirt and debris that attract spiders.

The scent of lavender does not appeal to spiders.

Place a group of potted lavender plants on your patio or deck. Set a lavender-scented candle on the table to burn while you're outdoors.

Step 4

Pour 10 drops of lavender essential oil into a spray bottle. Add 8 oz. of water, and shake the bottle to mix the solution.

Step 5

Moisten several cotton balls with the lavender spray. Tuck the scented cotton balls along windowsills, behind furniture and in any other place where spiders may nest. Replenish the fragrance by spritzing the cotton balls every three or four days.