Owls are predatory birds that hunt for their prey under the cover of darkness. The installation of plastic owl decoys in households, farms and gardens worldwide has become a popular way to deter animals such as pigeons and rabbits from perching and eating crops, flora and fauna. You can mount a plastic owl on a fence post in your home or work environment in a matter of minutes.

Use plastic owls as a deterrent in both urban and rural environments.

Step 1

Turn the owl upside down and remove the plastic covering to expose the inside of the hollow owl.

Step 2

Fill the owl with sand or gravel. This will provide stability for the owl in extreme weather conditions.

Step 3

Replace the plastic cover to secure the sand or gravel inside the owl and turn it up the right way.

Step 4

Locate a suitable fence pole on which to mount your plastic owl. If you are trying to deter other birds such as pigeons, choose a high fence pole. If you are trying to deter ground animals such as rabbits, choose a low fence pole.

Step 5

Place the plastic owl over the fence pole so the fence pole sits inside the hollow bottom section of the owl. Ensure the owl sits as steadily as possible on the fence pole. Move the owl to a different fence pole every 2-3 days to maximize the effect. Animals will be more inclined to believe the owl is real if it changes location regularly.