How to Get a Possum to Leave Your Area

Possums are the only marsupial native to North America. They can be cute, but they can be a big problem around the home and garden. Possums dig through garbage cans and compost piles looking for food. They are even known to steal food from outside pet dishes. In urban areas, possums can burrow inside chimneys, attics and wall spaces. Like rodents, possums can carry diseases; you should deter them from the home and garden.

Possums are members of the marsupial family.

Step 1

Cover garbage. Possums come to houses and gardens in search of food. One of the easiest food sources for possums is the garbage can. Make sure that all garbage is sealed up tightly, both in garbage bags and in trash bins. Secure the trash can lids so a cunning animal cannot remove them.

Step 2

Fence your vegetable garden. Possums are known to raid gardens for food, eating most types of garden vegetables. By building a fence around the vegetables and making sure the fence goes deep in the ground to prevent burrowing, you will deter the possums from coming near the garden.

Step 3

Do not leave pet food outside overnight. Possums are known for stealing food from pets' dishes left outside. Since they are nocturnal creatures, feed your outdoor pets during the day and put up the food at night. Leaving food outside will only attract possums to your area.

Step 4

Cover your compost. If you have a compost pile, possums will be attracted to your yard. By using a plastic compost bin or fencing off the compost pile, it will be more difficult for possums to find food, and they will be less likely to come to your home.

Step 5

Call animal control. If you have tried to keep all food and garbage covered and the possum is still around your home, call your local animal control department and report it. The animal control officers will be able to suggest a next step to remove the possum. Animal control will often leave a trap and remove the possum themselves. Do not attempt to trap and remove a possum yourself. They can be very aggressive. Also, if it is a female, it may have given birth to babies around your home. Animal control officers will inspect the premises to ensure that all possums are removed safely.

Mary Sharp

Mary Sharp has been writing professionally since 2007. Many of her articles appear online, specializing in the diet and habitat of wild animals. Sharp has a Master of Arts in English from the University of Texas and is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in English at the University of North Texas.