Bees need water to survive, and bee foragers will search far and wide for a reliable water source. Once they've found one, they'll tell the rest of the hive; this could create a problem for you if the water source is your pool or bird bath. Bees can be an annoying or even a dangerous pest; it is important to keep large numbers of them away from your home. A few steps can make nearby water sources unsuitable or even toxic to bees.

Bees can be beneficial to gardens by pollenating plants, but they can quickly turn into pests.

Step 1

Mix one-part dish soap with four-parts water; put it in a spray bottle. Spray all the bees around the pool. This should kill the bees without leaving a toxic residue. Spray each bee you see, until no bees come back to the pool for a full day. This means you have eliminated the foragers that tell the the colony of the pool's location. Cover the pool when you're not using it.

Step 2

Put a small amount of vinegar in pet water and birdbaths; use 2 tbsp. per gallon of water. This will deter the bees without harming birds or pets.

Step 3

Repair any irrigation systems or faucets that need fixing. The leaks will attract bees.