How to Kill Rodents With Gum

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Things You'll Need

  • Mouse trap

  • Gum


If your problem with rodents persists, contact a pest exterminator.

Glue boards trap rodents.

Rodents, such as rats, mice and gophers, carry more than 35 diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You and your family members have a risk of contracting the diseases through direct contact with rodents, indirect contact, such as mites or fleas, and contact with feces, saliva or urine. Therefore, eradicating rodents before an issue arises is a priority. In some cases, gum helps control rodents.

Step 1

Buy a mouse trap. A sticky trap, or glue board, or mechanical trap available at your local lawn and garden store will work.

Step 2

Get a pack of chewing gum. Buy a brand of gum that contains real sugar, not artificial sweetener.

Step 3

Place a small piece of the gum about the size of your pinky fingernail on the trap. This draws the rodent to the trap.

Step 4

Drop the gum directly into gopher holes outside. Use a larger piece of gum, about a half of a stick. The gopher tries to eat the gum and it stops up his intestinal tract, eventually killing it. While this is not a "proven" method according to the Garden Counselor Lawn Care Web site, it states that trying it may offer results.


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