Having ticks in your yard can be a pesky and annoying problem. Ticks are blood-sucking mites that can live off the blood of larger animals and sometimes humans. Ticks can also carry diseases such as Lyme disease. A tick will wait patiently until it finds a host it can attach to. Once it does, the tick inserts a probe into the skin, and starts sucking blood. If you notice ticks in your yard, it is best to immediately remedy the problem before it gets out of control.

Ticks can become a major problem if not removed quickly.

Lawn Care

Mowing your lawn is the simplest way to help get rid of ticks. Keeping your grass short will reduce the number of ticks because there is less humidity with short grass. Also, keeping debris and other objects off your lawn will help reduce the number of ticks. Get rid of wood piles that ticks can hide in. They like tall areas so they can wait there to jump onto an unsuspecting person or animal. If the lawn is kept clutter-free and the grass is short, ticks will not find the area desirable, and will move on.

Dig a Hole

If you live near the woods, you may be more inclined than others to have a tick problem. A good way to deter ticks from coming into your yard is to dig a trench about three feet wide by three inches deep. Dig the trench in an area between the woods and your yard. Fill the trench with gravel or cedar (ticks do not like the smell of cedar). This should prevent ticks from entering your yard, and they will go elsewhere to find hosts.

Other Animals

Keep a guinea fowl, also known as a guinea hen, on your property. These are large birds that love to eat ticks. This method works best for large properties that seem to have a growing or continuing problem with ticks. Guinea fowl will work to keep the area clean of ticks. This is an inexpensive way to control the tick population in your yard.