Directions for Use of Curtail Herbicide

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Things You'll Need

  • Long sleeves

  • Pants

  • Boots

  • Gloves

  • Safety goggles

  • Mask

  • Crop sprayer

  • Water

  • Curtail


Curtial herbicide is extremely toxic and caution should be used when handling or applying it.

Curtail herbicide kills weeds in crops.

Curtail is a specially formulated herbicide used by farmers and professional growers. It is a liquid-based, broad leaf herbicide that is applied to wheat and barley fields. Curtail successfully eliminates all weeds and other vegetation growing in the field, without harming the desirable wheat and barley plants. The herbicide is most often used in large land applications, but can also be used in a garden sprayer as a spot treatment for weeds.

Step 1

Put on long sleeves, pants, boots and gloves to cover every inch of skin. Wear safety goggles to protect the eyes and a mask to prevent inhalation of the mist.

Step 2

Fill the desired tank, such as a crop sprayer, with two gallons of water for each acre you want to treat.

Step 3

Add 2 and 2/3 pints of Curtail herbicide into the tank for each acre that you will treat. This is the lowest concentration of the product, which the manufacturer suggests you start with. If desired, use the packaging instructions to increase the concentration.

Step 4

Mix the contents of the tank thoroughly.

Step 5

Spray the entire crop area thoroughly with the Curtail and water mixture until the mixture drips off of the plants.

Step 6

Refrain from entering the treatment area for 48 hours following the application and do not allow animals to graze on the land for seven days following treatment.


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