How to Kill Moths Safely And Naturally

Getting rid of moths safely and naturally can be just as easy as using harmful insecticides. Moth larvae can wreak havoc on your clothes while pantry moths make a mess of your food. Moths especially like eating fur and wool. There are several safe methods to keep moths away, which you can try before using harsh chemicals. Natural pest control is especially important around children and pets.

You can tell you have a moth infestation by the small holes in your clothes.

Step 1

Starting with your closets and drawers, identify where your moth infestation is. Many people think the moths are the ones eating through their clothes, but the larvae in fact are the ones making the damage. Adult moths like to lay their eggs on certain types of fabrics. Fur and wool seem to be their favorites. When the eggs hatch, the infant moths start feeding on your clothing.

Step 2

Place cedar blocks in the drawers where moth infestation is present. Juniperus virginiana, or red cedar, contains an oil that can kill young moth larvae. The volatile oils become ineffective in time, so you need to replace the block regularly.

Step 3

Wash and dry clean your clothes frequently. Keeping your clothes clean and maintained will deter moths from laying their eggs on your clothes. Moths are attracted to musty clothing that has been stored for long periods of time.

Step 4

Place pheromone traps anywhere you notice an infestation of pantry moths. The traps attract male moths that stick to the trap and can be removed. Pheromone traps attract only clothes moths, while other moth types will not be affected.