How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard Naturally

Moles are furry mammals, not much bigger than mice, that dig tunnels under our gardens and yards. Because a mole's diet consists of earthworms and grubs, you might think moles are welcomed in most yards. But moles tend to be a nuisance to homeowners because they create long ridges (mole tunnels) and short mounds (called molehills) as they burrow, and these mounds and ridges can pop up everywhere, constantly, like a maze in your lawn. There is more than one natural method of getting rid of the moles and, of course, the molehills and tunnels they create.

Man with shovel digging in yard with fence
credit: Jupiterimages/ Images

Step 1

Identify an active mole tunnel in your yard. Do this by stepping on the piles of overturned earth at the ends of the tunnels. Step on every molehill you see. Wait for five minutes and check the molehills, looking for one that is no longer flat from being stepped on. Another effective way to find active mole tunnels is to take a stick and poke around in the ground with it in the area that has the most molehills. When the earth gives in upon a poke, you have likely located an active tunnel.

Step 2

Locate the active straight mole runway and dig into its path. Dig several inches deeper than the floor of the tunnel. Take a 64-ounce jar or any large jar that is big enough to fit a mole in and position it into the hole so that the top of the jar, the opening, is level with the bottom of the tunnel. When a mole passes, it will fall into the jar. It will be unable to climb out.

Step 3

Cover the dug-out spot with a few sheets of newspaper or a piece of cardboard to prevent light from coming into the hole. Secure newspaper in place with stones. Uncover the trap from time to time to see if it worked.

Step 4

Sprinkle some castor oil around the molehill of an active tunnel. This will keep the moles away from that area in the future.