How do I Get Rid of Bees by My Pool?

A combination of a bees need for water and the smell of the chlorine attract the sometimes dangerous insects to pools. Few pool owners want to use insecticides for fear of strong chemicals and the danger they pose if they inadvertently contaminate the water. The bees can be killed, of course, but because bees are beneficial insects some alternatives are available if you just want to keep them away from the pool.

A pool is more peaceful if the bees don't hang around.

Step 1

Fill two or three whiskey barrel planters with water and place floating aquatic plants inside.

Step 2

Place the whiskey barrel planters around the perimeter of the pool, about 12 to 24 feet from the edge. The bees will be attracted to the smell of the whiskey and more likely to drink from the stagnant water inside the containers instead of the pool.

Step 3

Place two or three birdbaths in a sunny location 12 to 24 feet from the pools edge. Line the edges of bird bath with aquatic gravel or sand and fill with water. According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture, the bees will crawl on the sun warmed gravel or sand and drink surface water instead of venturing to the much deeper pool water.

Step 4

Mix 1/4 cup of dish soap into a handheld sprayer with 1 qt of water. Spray any bees near the pool with the solution. It will automatically kill the bee. Continue to spray any bees that frequent the pool with the solution.

Step 5

Place pans of diesel fuel in trees or on other surfaces around the pool that are high enough that children or pets cannot reach it. According to Cheshire Pest Control, the fuel should attract foraging bees, who will die from drinking it. The foragers are the ones that would otherwise alert the colony to new sources of water.