How to Kill Roaches in an Infested Home

Cockroaches are attracted by an availability of food and water. They come into the home due to lack of cleanliness and improper food storage, among other reasons. Once they find an environment suitable for living, the cockroaches quickly multiply. To effectively kill roaches in an infested home you must exterminate the roaches while also getting rid of conditions that encourage the infestation. Insecticides alone will only deal with cockroaches that exist. Unless the home is cleaned and rid of cockroach-attracting food sources, the pests will continue to inhabit and infest the home.

Cockroaches search for water and food availability.
Keeping your home clean is an important part of roach control.

Step 1

Vacuum your home to remove food particles and debris that attracts cockroaches. This will also help remove roach eggs. Discard the vacuum bag in a trash bag afterward so eggs don't have a chance to hatch.

Step 2

Wash surfaces with a mixture of disinfectant cleaner and warm water in a bucket. Use a clean cloth dampened with the solution to clean countertops, cabinets, floors and other surfaces. Focus on areas such as the kitchen, pantry and bathroom, as well as other areas where food or water can be found.

Step 3

Place commercial cockroach bait stations throughout the house to attract roaches to eat the toxic bait. Effectively kill roaches by setting up 10 bait stations in the kitchen and pantry, placing the bait stations under appliances, on top of shelves and cabinets and in cupboards. Put two bait stations in the bathroom as well as any other room where roaches have been seen.

Step 4

Fill a disposable caulking gun with boric acid powder. Position the tip of the gun into cracks in the foundation or along baseboards and pump the toxic powder into the spaces to kill roaches.