How to Get Rid of Mites on a Couch

Although they do not carry disease or cause direct harm to you, the presence of dust mites can be unnerving. The idea of small microscopic insects crawling around on your carpet and your furniture may seem disgusting, but these tiny bugs are everywhere where humans are. They eat the sloughed off skin cells from humans. If you have allergies or asthma, dust mites can exasperate these conditions. One way to help reduce the irritation of these tiny bugs is to treat your couch for dust mites.

Dust mites are attracted to your couch and anywhere else your family goes.

Step 1

Remove all slipcovers, pillowcases and throw blankets from your couch. Place these items in the washing machine and wash them according to the care instructions on their tags. Use high heat if possible to kill the mites. If your covers are not washing machine safe, have them professionally dry cleaned to remove the mites.

Step 2

Dry your cleaned slipcovers, pillowcases and blankets outside in the sun.

Step 3

Use your vacuum to vacuum the couch thoroughly. Use the crevice attachment to get down between the couch cushions. Vacuum the entire surface of the couch. This will remove any mites on the surface of the couch as well as the dead skin cells they are eating. Empty the contents of your vacuum into a zip-top bag and dispose of it outside.

Step 4

Place a dehumidifier in your living room. Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity levels in your home. Mites are attracted to areas that are warm and damp. Using the dehumidifier makes your couch and the rest of your home less attractive to them.

Erin Ringwald

Erin Ringwald began writing in 1998. She runs her own party planning business and helps with her husband's photography business. She's working on her Master of Education with a focus on elementary education and child development. Ringwald studied musical theater and later obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Wright State University.