How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders Quickly

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Cats help to deter spiders. They often hunt down and play with the spiders. Sometimes cats are bitten by brown recluse spiders. If bitten, they may suffer some tissue damage. These bites are very rarely fatal, and cats generally do very well in recovering. If it helps, think of it like a dog and a burglar. Obviously you don't want anything to happen to your pet, but your pet can also protect you.

Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider can be deadly if you are bitten. It's best to avoid the brown recluse spider all together, and quickly get rid of brown recluse spiders in your home if you spot any.


Step 1

Crumbs attract insects

The best way to get rid of the brown recluse spider is to get rid of insects-the food source. Clean up the crumbs around your house and don't leave dirty dishes in the kitchen. Even turn off the porch lights if you need to. Once you solve the insect problem, you're half way to solving the brown recluse problem.


Step 2

Clean up the clutter in your home. The brown recluse spider doesn't spin webs, so they like to hide in the basement or garage for cover. Go through your house and clean up some of your clutter, and bring the vacuum with you to suck up any brown recluse spiders you may encounter.

Step 3

Cats are a natural predator

To get rid of brown recluse spiders you might consider using its natural predators. These include cats, birds, and other varieties of spiders. While you probably don't want to invite more spiders into your home to deal with the brown recluse spider, cats can deter the spiders. (See Warnings at the bottom of this article.)


Step 4

These work wonders

The most effective way to get rid of brown recluse spiders is by using a brown recluse spider trap. These are available online just by using your favorite search engine. The traps have a sweet scent that attract the spiders and then kill them with surprisingly efficacy.


Step 5

Dangerous chemicals

Don't call an exterminator to get rid of brown recluse spiders. The exterminator is expensive, the chemicals are not safe for pets and children, and the exterminator will kill of natural predators to the brown recluse spider-leaving your home more vulnerable.