June bugs are small beetles that generally appear in the spring months--May or June--through the fall. They are found throughout North America and are usually nocturnal. As grubs (larvae), June bugs can do extensive damage to roots, lawns and soil. As adults, June bugs eat the leaves, stems and fruit of plants and trees. Gardeners the world over work to kill and prevent these pests.



Spray your lawn and garden with pesticides to kill June bugs. Always read the instructions on the pesticides, and follow them closely.

Get rid of June bugs using natural predators. Buy a supply of nematodes--grub-eating parasites--at a garden supply shop. Follow the directions on the package to "apply" them in your garden. This usually consists of mixing them with water and spraying them over the soil. Apply nematodes in fall, when June bugs are laying their eggs, so the parasites have time to attack the June bug larvae.

Attract and use natural June bug predators like toads, frogs and birds. Birds and frogs eat both June bug larvae and adult June bugs. Attract birds by building bird feeders and bird houses. Purchase toads and frogs at your local pet or garden shops, and set them free. Toads and frogs are especially effective, as they are nocturnal creatures, and will be active at the same time as adult June bugs.