How to Kill a Ground Mole

Although many people think ground moles are rodents, they are actually sightless mammals that live under the ground. Although they don't cause any major problems in the ground, they do create unsightly tunnels at the ground surface that can kill grass. These tunnels look like raised mounds of dirt, similar to a tube, and can run along the entire length of the yard. To kill a ground mole, you have to treat the ground that the mole lives in.

Mole hill
credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Step 1

Watch the mole activity in the yard for 24 to 48 hours before attempting to kill the mole. Take note of the most active tunnels and holes that the moles use. This is important because some mole tunnels may be abandoned, and therefore it would be a waste of time to treat them.

Step 2

Purchase a mole pesticide at any garden center or home improvement store. One type of mole killer looks and smells like earthworms, which is the natural food of the mole.

Step 3

Put on gloves before opening or handling the mole bait. In addition, you should secure any pets or children that may attempt to enter the treatment area.

Step 4

Go to one of the active tunnels and poke a hole into it using a boom handle or other similar object.

Step 5

Drop one piece of mole bait into the hole and then cover the hole with a handful of dirt.

Step 6

Move 5 to 10 feet along the mole tunnel and repeat the process to insert another piece of bait into the ground. Continue inserting mole bait until you reach the end of the tunnel. Bait any other active tunnels that you noted previously.

Step 7

Wait five to seven days and watch the areas for mole activity. If moles are seen, repeat the treatment.