Tea Tree Oil for Insect Control

Tea tree oil is an effective repellent against mosquitoes, fleas and lice, according to the Purdue University Center for New Crops and Plants Products. These biting pests are more than annoying and irritating – some carry harmful and fatal diseases. If you would like to avoid chemical insect repellents, you can control them with tea tree oil.

Control mosquitoes and other pests with tea tree oil.

Step 1

Combine 1 oz. of tea tree oil with 16 oz. of olive or almond oil.

Step 2

Rub a small amount of the solution on a patch of skin and wait about half an hour. If your skin becomes irritated, use more olive oil or try a different pest repellent.

Step 3

Rub the tea tree oil/olive oil mixture all over your exposed skin to ward off mosquitoes, fleas and lice.

Christina Sloane

Christina Sloane has been writing since 1992. Her work has appeared in several national literary magazines.