How to Change the Belt on a Poulan Lawnmower

Poulan mowers have been around since 1944. Poulan offers several riding mower models, each with a deck belt that turns the mower blades and enhances the mower's performance. Poulan recommends that the deck belt be replaced every two years, unless excessive wear has occurred. The belt must be operational for the mower to perform.

Step 1

Position the lawn tractor on a flat surface and disengage the engine.

Step 2

Place the clutch in the disengage position and lower the mower deck adjustment lever. Remove the retainer and clutch springs from the pulley bolt.

Step 3

Disconnect the suspension arms and links from the rear end brackets and slide the mower deck from underneath the mower.

Step 4

Sketch the direction of the mower deck belt to note the pattern it is weaved through the pulleys. It must be reinstalled in the same pattern. Pull the old belt from the two deck pulleys and idler pulley.

Step 5

Wrap the belt around the pulleys in the same order you removed it. Position the belt into the grooves on the pulleys.

Step 6

Re-attach the mower deck and engage the engine.