How to Start a Craftsman Tiller

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If the engine attempts to start but quickly dies, move the choke lever to the halfway position. Pull the starter rope up to three more times to start the engine.

Always check engine oil and gasoline levels before starting the engine.

The Craftsman tiller is a dependable piece of equipment for tilling garden beds. Craftsman tillers come in either front-tine or rear-tine models. Starting a Craftsman tiller for the first time is much like starting a standard push mower. The tiller has a throttle and a choke to aid in starting the engine. Although similar in design, the rear tiller requires raising the tines off the ground before starting the unit.


Step 1

Move the Craftsman tiller to the area you want to till. Ensure that all tiller controls are in the neutral position. If you have a rear tine tiller, place the depth down to the "Transport" position. This raises the tines off the ground.

Step 2

Push the throttle lever to the "fast" position and place the choke in the "Choke" position. If the Craftsman tiller has been running and the engine is still warm, the choke lever does not need to be engaged.

Step 3

Grasp the Craftsman tiller handle with one hand and the pull rope with your other hand. Pull the rope slowly until you feel the beginning of the compression cycle. The rope goes from being slack to becoming harder to pull.


Step 4

Pull the rope quickly and slowly guide the rope as it recoils. This might take several attempts before the engine starts.

Step 5

Move the choke lever to "closed" and turn the throttle down to "run" once the engine starts.



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