How to Start a Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer

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Things You'll Need

  • Oil

  • Gasoline

  • Garden hose

  • Safety glasses or goggles

Troy-Bilt is an American equipment company that has produced lawn and garden machinery for more than 60 years. Though Troy-Bilt is known more for its lawn tillers and mowers, the company also produces a series of pressure washers. These pressure washers are powered by gasoline engines and have fuel tanks ranging from 1/4- to 1/3-gallon capacity. Starting a Troy-Bilt pressure washer is a straightforward process, requiring you to fill the machine with fluids first.


Step 1

Remove the oil cap from the engine crankcase. Pour oil into the crankcase until it reaches the fill line. Place the cap back on the crankcase and tighten it.

Step 2

Remove the cap from the fuel tank. Fill the fuel tank with gasoline. Screw the cap back onto the tank.

Step 3

Attach a garden hose to an outdoor water spigot. Connect the other end of the hose to your pressure washer. Turn on the water. Position the pressure washer close to the area in which you will be working. Place the pressure washer on an area of flat ground.


Step 4

Put on a pair of safety glasses or goggles.

Step 5

Pick up the pressure-washer wand. Point the nozzle in a safe direction. Squeeze the trigger to remove or purge the water line of any excess air. Release the trigger.

Step 6

Push the trigger lock forward to prevent the trigger from moving. The trigger lock is located directly behind the trigger, connected to the inside of the handle. The trigger lock ensures that water does not spray while you start the engine.


Step 7

Press and release the primer bulb on the engine six to 10 times to inject fuel into the fuel line.

Step 8

Grab the starter rope handle with one hand. Position your other hand on the top of the engine. Pull the starter rope up to 10 times until the engine starts. If the engine fails to start after 10 times, wait a few minutes before trying again; the engine may be flooded.

Step 9

Allow the engine to idle for two minutes after it starts before you use the washer.

Step 10

Pick up the wand, point it in the direction you wish to spray. Disengage the trigger lock. Press down on the trigger to begin spraying.



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