How to Troubleshoot an Ariens Mower

The Ariens lawnmower has a small engine that rotates the cutting blade. The engine design allows the operator to cut grass much faster than an older style mower that has manual cutting blades. The Ariens mower is built to last many years of normal use, but occasionally problems may arise. If the engine does not start or operate as expected, the manufacturer suggests these troubleshooting steps to find and correct the problem.

Step 1

Check the fuel tank to make sure the fuel level is near the full line. Add fuel if necessary.

Step 2

Check to see whether the spark plug wire is loose. Pull the wire off the spark plug using your fingers. Push the wire back on the spark plug firmly.

Step 3

Replace the spark plug. Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug, using your fingers. Use a socket wrench and remove the spark plug. Install a new spark plug and tighten securely, using a socket wrench. Push the spark plug wire onto the spark plug, using your fingers.

Step 4

Check for excess lawn clippings under the mowing deck. Tilt the mower back and inspect the underside of the deck and blade. If necessary, clear out the clippings with your hands.

Step 5

Drain the fuel tank if the fuel is old. Place a drain pan on the ground near the fuel tank. Tip the mower slightly so the fuel drains into the drain pan. Dispose of the old fuel according to local regulations. Fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel.