The Bobcat 873 skid steer loader was made in 1995 and 1997. A skid steer loader features two arms on which you can add attachments such as excavating tools or a bucket for moving heavy material, including soil and sod. While you can purchase Bobcat skid loaders, you can also rent them from your local home improvement or landscaping equipment retailers. This allows you to do all the work that you need done for a nominal fee.

Power Specs

This skid loader features an internal combustion engine that runs on diesel fuel. This engine produces 73.5 horsepower with one horsepower equivalent to between 735.5 and 750 watts. The Bob 873 skid steer loader does not have an engine cooling system, which means that you need to manually monitor your engine to ensure that you don't overheat it. The fuel pump capacity is 18 gallons per minute with an auxiliary high flow of 18 gpm.

This loader comes with the Bob-Tach Attachment System, which helps you quickly change out your attachments. It also has the Bobcat Interlocking Control System (BICS) safety feature. With this feature you can't pull your skid steer loader into gear unless you are seated and have the seat bar secured; you also need to start the engine.

Overall Dimensions

Every skid steer loader needs a certain amount of space between the front wheels for safe operation; this is known as the wheelbase. The wheelbase on the Bobcat 873 is approximately 4 feet; the total length of this skid steer loader is 11 feet 7 inches. It's 6 feet 1 inch wide and 6 feet 5 inches high, making this a very compact skid loader able to maneuver around tight backyards. The bucket can reach up 3 feet 1 inch high and the height between the ground and the bucket hinge pin is 10 feet 4 inches.


A skid steer loader is limited by how much it can carry, you need to know this information to ensure that you don't overload it. The tipping load capacity of this loader is 4,600 lbs. The Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) is even more important than the tipping load and refers to how much you can carry without causing your entire vehicle to tip. That amount on this skid steer loader is 2,300 lbs. The operating weight is 6,885 lbs, and that's the combined weight of you, a full tank of gas and the machine.