Stihl began producing the 070 chain saw in 1968, and it earned a reputation as one of the most powerful saws on the market. It continues to be in high demand, but because Stihl has discontinued production, many units available online are knockoffs or counterfeits. What made the saw so popular is its large engine and its ability to handle a guide bar as long as 60 inches. Saws such as this one turn movies such as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" into cult classics.

Power to Spare

If it was still manufacturing the 070, Stihl would classify it as a professional model. Its engine displacement of 106 cubic centimeters (6.47 cubic inches) rivals that of the MS 880 R Magnum, which is the largest of Stihl's current selection of chainsaws. Other engine specifications of the 070 include:

  • Engine bore: 58 millimeters (2.28 inches)
  • Piston displacement: 40 millimeters (1.57 inches)
  • Idle Speed: 2,000 rpm
  • Maximum engine speed: 8,000 rpm
  • Weight without bar and chain: 10.7 kilograms (23.6 pounds)

Bar and Chain

Although people who own the Stihl 070 report using it with a 60-inch guide bar, the company recommends Duromatic bars ranging from 53 to 150 centimeters (21 to 49 inches) and Rollomatic bars from 75 to 105 centimeters (30 to 41 inches). The recommended chain pitch is 10.26 millimeters (0.404 inch).

Fuel and Ignition Systems

The two-cycle engine runs on a mixture of 87 octane gasoline -- which is the minimum octane rating for most such engines -- and two-cycle engine oil. The manufacturer-recommended oil mix ratio is 40:1 when using Stihl engine oil and 25:1 when using other brands. Unlike 1968, when Stihl published these recommendations, modern engine oils are essentially equivalent, so a 40:1 mixture should work, regardless of brand.

The 070 is fitted with an HL-Tilotson diaphragm carburetor with idle, low-speed and high-speed adjustment screws. It has a large-area flocked wire air filter, and it takes a 9.5-millimeter (0.37-inch) M 14 X 1.25 spark plug with a 0.5-millimeter (0.02-inch) electrode gap.

Other Features

The Stihl 070 is an older model and lacks anti-kickback features that have since been incorporated into Stihl saws. It does not have a chain brake, and although the 070 has an AV handle, it lacks the comprehensive anti-vibration system common on later saws. There are large gripping dogs on both sides of the bar that bite firmly into the wood you're cutting. The choke mechanism consists of a knob that you pull out to close the choke, and a lock knob on the handle keeps the motor running at half speed when you depress it.