Clark Bobcat 632 Skid Steer Specs

The Clark Bobcat 632 is a model of Bobcat skid steer loader released in 1977. The Melroe Manufacturing Company, original makers of the Bobcat loader, was acquired by the Clark Equipment Company, who gave their name to the model 632 skid steer loader. The Clark Company was later acquired by Ingersoll Rand. Today, the firm still produces skid steer loaders under the Bobcat name. The Bobcat brand has become the informal name for all skid steer loaders.

Engine and Hydraulics

The Clark Bobcat 632 has a liquid-cooled, 30-horsepower, gasoline engine. Liquid cooling, as opposed to air-cooled engines, means that the Clark Bobcat 632 can operate in warm air temperatures without overheating. The hydraulic system has a flow rate of 9.5 gallons per minute.

Lifting Capacity

The maximum tipping load of the Bobcat 632 is rated at 2,100 lbs., with a rated operating capacity of 1,000 lbs. The maximum tipping load is the load on the bucket which will cause the Bobcat to tip over. The rated operating capacity, about half the tipping weight, is the recommended safe operating load. Tipping depends not only on the weight in the bucket, but on the operator's skill, the way the load is balanced and the terrain conditions. The forward reach of the bucket at maximum height is 22 inches.


The loader is 76 inches tall, 55 inches wide and 120 inches long. With the bucket raised, the height to the bucket hinge pin is 109 inches. The operating weight, which includes a driver and a full tank of gas, is 3,925 lbs. The loader includes the "bob-tach" attachment system, for connecting lifting accessories other than the standard bucket. The attachment system makes the Clark Bobcat 632 very flexible, and able to do a variety of lifting, hauling and loading jobs depending on the kind of attachment used. The wheelbase is 35 inches. Bobcat does not list the turning radius for this loader, but the design of a Bobcat loader allows it to turn within its own area, so the turning radius should be similar to the wheelbase.