How to Replace a Line on an Echo Gas Trimmer

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Fully inserting the cutting lines until they meet in the center of the head recess makes it easier to remove the lines when they need to be changed.

Echo gas trimmers employ a Rapid Loader™ 2-line head, which allows for quick line changes that require no tools. Pre-cut lengths of line that are .080 inches in diameter are suitable for use in the trimmer come in packages of 20. They generally are available through your local Echo distributor.

Step 1

Turn off the trimmer.

Step 2

Lay the trimmer on the ground or on a stable work surface with the head facing up.

Step 3

Reach into the center recess of the trimmer head. Grasp the end of one of the old lines, then pull the line out. Repeat this step to remove the other line.

Step 4

Insert the end of a new cutting line through one of the outside holes on the trimmer head. Firmly push the line into the trimmer head until the end protrudes into the recess in the center of the head.

Step 5

Insert the end of the second new cutting line through the outside hole on the trimmer head opposite the hole used for the first line. Firmly push the line through head until the end protrudes into the recess in the center of the head.

Step 6

Insert the cutting lines into the trimmer head until the ends butt together in the center of the recess.


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