How to Install the Mower Drive Belt for a John Deere 212 Lawn Tractor

The mower drive belt on the John Deere 212 lawn tractor runs both blades mounted beneath the mower deck. The belt takes power from the engine and uses it to run the pulley system on top of the mower deck. This in turn, spins the mower blades. The belt, made of rubber, eventually wears out and starts to dry rot. When this happens, replace the belt to prevent it from breaking. Inspecting the belt at the beginning of every mowing season ensures minimal interruptions when it comes time to mow.

Step 1

Drive the John Deere 212 tractor onto level ground, disengage the mower deck, place it in neutral and then set the parking brake. Turn the mower off. For extra safety, disconnect the negative battery terminal, to ensure power doesn't flow through the system.

Step 2

Raise the mower deck to its highest position with the deck height adjustment-lever mounted on the back fender.

Step 3

Place a 2-by-4 inch board under the right and left side of the deck and then lower the deck onto the boards.

Step 4

Find the drive pulley directly below the engine. Access it by looking under the tractor from the front.

Step 5

Remove the hex bolts that hold the belt guard over the drive pulley with the appropriate sized hex wrench and then place the guard off to the side.

Step 6

Pull the drive belt off the drive pulley with your hands. When you disengage the mower deck, it creates enough slack in the belt that you can simply pull the belt off the drive pulley.

Step 7

Remove the hairpin cotter pins and washers from the linkage rods that suspend the deck from the tractor.

Step 8

Remove the deck from the wooden blocks and slide the deck out from under the tractor.

Step 9

Place the new belt onto the pulleys. Route the new belt in the same manner as was the old belt.

Step 10

Slide the deck under the tractor and place it back onto the wooden blocks. Reattach the linkage rods to the tractor with the washers and the hairpin cotter pins.

Step 11

Pull the belt towards the front of the mower and then slide the belt over the drive pulley.

Step 12

Place the belt guard over the pulley and secure the hex bolts with the hex wrench.

Step 13

Remove the boards from under the mower deck and then lower the deck to proper cutting height for your yard. Reinstall the negative cable to the battery.