How to Replace the Fuel Line on a Poulan Weed Eater

Replacing the fuel line on a Poulan Weed Eater can be a little tricky because of the grommet surrounding the lower hole in the fuel tank where the line feeds through the tank. When you install the new line, use a little patience threading the line back through the grommet. Replacement fuel line is available at home improvement centers. The fuel line is a semi-rigid rubber tube and must be cut to length before installing.

Replace your cracked fuel lline and get your Weed Eater working.

Step 1

Pull the sparkplug wire from the sparkplug with your fingers. Place a funnel into the fill neck of the gasoline tank set aside for the trimmer. Remember that your trimmer operates with a gas/oil mixture. Remove the fuel tank lid and pour the fuel into the reserve gasoline tank. By pouring the fuel into the funnel, you will avoid messy spills.

Step 2

Remove the four screws securing the shroud over the carburetor and the motor with a Phillips-head screwdriver or socket wrench, depending upon the fasteners on your trimmer.

Step 3

Cut the bottom straight part of a metal clothes hanger with wire cutters. Bend one end of the straight piece of hanger into a small hook with needle-nose pliers. Insert the hook end into the fuel tank and hook the fuel line. Lift the fuel line out of the tank until the end with the fuel filter is out of the tank.

Step 4

Follow the line from the fuel tank to the carburetor. Pull the line off the carburetor with your fingers. Pull the fuel line, from the fuel filter end, out of the fuel tank. Pull the fuel filter off the end of the fuel line.

Step 5

Place the old line against the new line and cut the new line to size with a pair of scissors. Insert one end of the line into the fuel tank and through the hole in the bottom of the fuel tank. Push the end through the second hole enough that you can grab it from the other side. The hole has a rubber grommet, so use patience and a little force to accomplish this task.

Step 6

Grab the end from the outside of the fuel tank and connect it to the port on the carburetor by slipping the line over the nipple on the port. Place a new fuel filter on the opposite end of the line and insert the remaining line into the fuel tank.

Step 7

Place the shroud back over the carburetor and engine and secure the shroud with the retaining screws. Fill the fuel tank with the proper gas/oil mixture. Place the sparkplug wire over the sparkplug and push the wire until it locks into place.