How to Start a Ryobi Weed Eater

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If you are restarting the trimmer after the engine is already warm, slide the choke lever to the run position, push the throttle interlock, pull up on the throttle trigger and pull the starter rope.

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Weedeaters, more commonly known as a string trimmer, are used to cut portions of grass that lawn mowers are too bulky to reach. Ryobi manufactures consumer grade string trimmers for home use. Though string trimmers do not have an attached blade, the motorized string can cause injury if the trimmer is not started and used correctly. Be sure to safely start your Ryobi string trimmer to prevent injuries and damage to you or the machine.

Step 1

Place the trimmer on a flat, bare surface such as a sidewalk or driveway.

Step 2

Press the ignition switch to the "On" position. The symbol for the "On" position is "|" whereas the "Off" position symbol is "O."

Step 3

Push the rubber primer bulb eight times. The primer bulb draws fuel into the engine each time it is pressed. You will find it on the top of the engine.

Step 4

Slide the choke lever straight down so it is in the full choke position.

Step 5

Press and hold the throttle interlock button while squeezing the throttle trigger. The throttle interlock button is the rectangular plastic button on the top of the handle, opposite the throttle trigger, which is located on the bottom of the handle. The throttle trigger will not move unless the throttle interlock button is pressed in. This is a safety device to prevent accidental operation.

Step 6

Grip the handle of the starter rope and pull it out rapidly. Continue pulling the rope until the engine starts.

Step 7

Slide the choke lever up to the middle position so it is at half choke. The engine will warm up when the choke is in this position. Keep the trimmer at half choke for at least 30 seconds to warm up the engine.

Step 8

Move the choke lever all the way to the top so it is in the run position. The trimmer is now ready for use.


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