How Long Does It Take to Grow Hydroseeded Lawns?

Hydroseeding is an efficient method for seeding lawns and difficult areas. Because of the seed's rapid growth, it's ideal when you need your lawn green without the expense of grass sod. Hydroseeding also is favored for slopes because it prevents the grass seeds from shifting down the slope, stopping erosion. Originally, hydroseed was limited to a select few grass varieties, but demand continues to introduce more grass varieties available in hydroseeding form.

The sooner your new grass seed grows, the sooner you'll enjoy your lawn.

What Is Hydroseeding?

The process of combining grass seed, fertilizer, mulch and water, and then agitating the mixture while it's pressure-sprayed on prepared ground is known as hydroseeding. Some hydroseed companies add soil amendments and colored dyes to the combination to show exactly what areas were covered. It's an efficient and effective method to establish grass quickly and evenly. Because hydroseeding is pressure-sprayed, this process makes difficult places such as hillsides, or narrow or hard-to-reach spots, easy to seed for rapid grass establishment.

How It Works

The watery slurry containing the grass seed, fertilizer and mulch is constantly agitated during application. This agitation coats the seeds with the fertilizer, while the mulch absorbs the water. When evenly sprayed on the ground, the water-logged mulch keeps the seeds moist for rapid germination, usually occurring in five to seven days. Once germinated, the grass feeds on the fertilizer to increase root development and growth. Within three to four weeks, the hydroseeded lawn will be fully grown and ready to enjoy.


Although not as fast as laying down sod, hydroseeding is less expensive than sod -- and in about one week, the grass will begin to grow. By the third or fourth week, your new hydroseeded lawn will be ready for mowing. Hydroseeding is a quick way to seed large areas. Also, because hydroseeding is a spray-on process, slopes of hillsides aren't disturbed, preventing erosion.


Hydroseeding germinates and grows best when applied at the beginning of the grass-growing season. Cold or hot temperatures while the grass seed is germinating can delay germination. In addition, the varieties of grass seed available for hydroseeding depends on the company applying it. Although any grass seed can be used, many companies restrict operation to only a few varieties that grow well in your area. You can rent the equipment to apply hydroseeding yourself, but it is advised, for efficient application, that you hire a professional.