Hummingbirds are a charming and delightful accent to any garden. They can also help to pollinate your flowers. Although you can purchase hummingbird feeders, you can make feeders that work well with your garden decor. Red attracts hummingbirds, so consider red or accents of red for your hummingbird feeder. Fill your feeder with either homemade or commercially available hummingbird nectar.

Recycled Hummingbird Feeders

Making a recycled hummingbird feeder is an entertaining and educational project for the whole family. You will need a bottle of some sort with a lid, another larger lid, a drill and a glue gun, plus wire for hanging. Drill a large hole in the smaller lid. Wedge a tissue, napkin or bit of paper through this hole to create a spacer. Create bridges of glue between the two lids, working slowly so that the glue will not cover the bottom of the larger lid. You can also opt to drill small holes and wire the two lids together securely. Fill the bottle with hummingbird nectar and screw the smaller lid into place. Decorate with red flowers if desired. Hang using wire, with the lids at the bottom.

Decorative Hummingbird Feeders

Collect several glass bottles. You may reuse attractive bottles you have or opt to purchase new ones at a craft store. Choose bottles with a wide opening to allow the hummingbirds adequate space to eat. You will need to keep the bottles completely full to allow the hummingbirds to drink directly from the top of the bottles. Wrap the neck of each bottle with wire and hang. Cluster several bottles off of a tree or plant hanger for an attractive look.You might also opt to create an upside-down hummingbird feeder with pretty glass bottles using the instructions offered above, along with a pretty metal lid.

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

Make your own hummingbird nectar by combining one part sugar with four parts water. Sugar does not dissolve well in water, so take the time to heat this mixture and make a simple syrup. Do not reduce this mixture. Allow to cool and store in your refrigerator in a clean 2-liter bottle. Keep your hummingbird feeders full. Do not add coloring to your hummingbird nectar. If your feeder is not red, add red ribbons or other accents to attract hummingbirds.