How to Make Metal Whirligigs

Decorate your yard with beautiful, handmade whirligigs (also known as wind spinners). Add movement and whimsy to dull spaces. Metal whirligigs can be expensive, but you can save money and enjoy yourself at the same time by making your own whirligig. Copper is a great way to add an unexpected touch of color, too.

Use copper wire to add an unexpected touch of color to a whirligig.

Step 1

Cut off a 70-inch piece of 1/4 copper or aluminum wire and bend the top (about 4 inches) into a hook.

Step 2

Wrap the remaining wire down a wire mandrel, starting with the base at the large end, to form a loose coil until you reach the last 6 inches of the wire.

Step 3

Put a glass ball inside the coil so that it rests on third or fourth coil under the hook and secure by pushing coils on either side to keep it steady.

Step 4

Cut the fishing line in a 2-foot or 3-foot foot length and tie it to the hook of your whirligig.

Step 5

Tie several whirligigs to a tree or hang from the eaves of your home.

Larraine Stacey

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